Boat Park Information

Boat Park Layout

Castle Cove Boat Park is for use by all club members. It provides dinghy storage throughout the year. During the autumn and winter season approximately half of the area is used as a working hard for keelboats. Keelboats are lifted out at the start of October and lifted back in at the start of the following April. These lifts are dependant on using the highest tides and there may be some overlap with the start or end of the sailing season requiring a degree of flexibility and accommodation from dinghy and keelboat sailors alike.

In addition to dinghies and keelboats the hard is the base for maintaining club moorings, pontoons and club safety boats; it provides storage for tenders and our site hosts several local groups who make use of our facilities during the week. In the years leading up to the 2012 Olympic event the Boat Park will also be the home of several international visitors using our club as the summer base for their sporting campaigns.

Storage space for dinghies is always in demand and spaces are allocated on an annual basis. Boats that have had little or no use during the summer season are unlikely to be offered space the following year. Read the current allocation guidelines here. Applications for space on the Boat Park must be made to the Boat Park Administrator.

All boats, including tenders, must be stored in the space allocated, be easily identifiable and must show a current Portland Port Harbour Dues sticker (available to club members on application from the Boat Park Administrator). The Boat Park is unable to provide storage space for road trailers and boat owners must not leave road trailers at the club. Boat trolleys should be marked with the boat name and sail number to aid recovery when returning to a busy slip. Any item that cannot be identified will be disposed of in accordance with club rules.

The surface of the Boat Park is hard wearing and multi purpose; there are no immediate plans to replace it or to provide a better solution for tie-downs. At present secure points for tie-downs for dinghies are provided by concrete blocks. Care must be taken when moving these items.

Rack storage is provided for Lasers, Toppers and Optimists. Racked boats should only be stored in the space allocated and care taken when moving boats from the higher level.

Boats may be launched from any of the 4 slips. Sailors are asked to take care on any slippery surfaces and to be mindful of club security and not to leave gates open unnecessarily or after sailing has finished.

Excessive noise, especially that caused by the frapping of rigging on masts, is annoying to our neighbours and anti social. Please secure rigging away from masts so that it cannot cause annoyance to others. Boats neglected by their owners or boats left in a poor condition will not be given space on the Boat Park.

There is no facility for storing or launching Rib’s or any other powered craft from Castle Cove Boat Park or the adjacent beach. Craft providing safety cover for arranged events of short duration are the only exception and must be approved beforehand.

Motor vehicles should not be left on the Dinghy Park at any time during the summer season as they provide an obstruction to sailing. Use of motor vehicles to deliver or remove boats is permitted but they should not remain on the Boat Park for any longer than necessary.


Rack storage is provided for member’s tenders. A limited number of ground spaces are usually available for tenders that have to remain on a trolley. Tenders must be clearly identifiable or they will be removed.

Every year there are instances of theft of tenders usually because they prove irresistible to visitors at the nearby beach. To reduce this risk tenders should be locked securely in their allocated space, the tender should be readily identifiable to patrolling Harbour and Police authorities and oars or paddles must not be left with the tender. It is also helpful if slip gates are kept closed when not in use.

On the Boat Park

Please respect the property of others at all times. If a boat has to be moved for any reason please leave it properly secured.

Any instances of damage or loss should be reported to the Boat Park Administrator.

There will be times when the Boat Park is extremely busy and it is for all of us to cooperate with each other so that we make the best use of this great resource.

Ian Green
Boat Park Administrator