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Frequently Asked questions

Q. What does CCSCM stand for?

A. Castle Cove Sailing Club Manager. This is the name we have given to the well known Sailing Club Manager system used by Sailing Clubs up and down the UK.

Q. How do I become a content provider for the new CCSCM website?

A. If you would like to be a content contributor please contact Andy Adler.

Q. How do I find my personal information?

A. On our CCSCM webpage you can access your personal information by clicking on 'Login' at the top of the CCSCM home webpage and entering your log in details. This takes you to the member's portal. If you return to the web while you are logged in, just click on 'portal' (top right of screen) to return to your personal details.

Q. What are my log in details?

A. Your personal Log in details will be sent to you by email during December 2021, or when you become a member. You will be able to change the email address that is your username, or your password when you have logged in.

Q. What is the Member Directory?

A. The member directory is a searchable list of other Club members, giving their names, boats and more details if they have chosen to share these. Settings for what you can share with other members are in 'My Profile' further down the screen.

Q. It looks like I can send message to other members, is that right?

A. You are able to send individual members a message from the directory but remember, they will only see the message if the member looks at their 'My Messages' section lower down on the screen in the portal. Messages are internal to CCSCM.

Q. What is the Boat Directory?

A. The boat directory is a searchable list of all boats. Searches can be by boat name or sail number. For the purposes of importing data each boat has had to be given a unique name. Original boat names have been used where possible, otherwise we have tended to use the owner's name and type of boat.

Boat names can be changed in the 'My Boats' section further down the screen.

Q. Where do I view and edit my personal details in the portal?

A. You can view and edit your personal details in 'My Profile'. Upload your picture if you wish (noavatars please) and do be aware that other members will see your picture. You can choose whether to make your contact details available to other members or to keep them private (use the selection arrows relevant to the contact method). The default is that contact details are private. Please do keep your contact details up to date as we need to be able to communicate with you for legitimate club purposes.

Q. Do you want to know about qualifications that I hold that are relevant to sailing?

A. Yes. Please do add and update your Qualifications, and upload your certificate(s).

Q. How can I change my password?

A. You may change your password, or log in email, under Login Details

Q. What is the Membership section for?

A. Membership gives a summary of your membership renewal, i.e. Family membership, Ordinary membership etc.

Q. Since the change to CCSCM has my Membership number changed?

A. No, your Membership number has been imported to CCSCM so there is no change.

Q. What is the Renew section for?

A. The Renew section will not be activated for your membership until you are ready to renew, which will be after you have told us of any changes you wish to make. It will be here that you can see all the items that will appear on your invoice brought together, and this where you will 'sign' to say that you will abide by the rules. At present you can view your boat fees here.

Q. What are the 'Additional Fees' that have been added to my boat?

A. Some boat fees will now appear as 'Additional Fees', for example Portland Harbour Dues and fees for the storage of Road trailers under your boat. There has been no change to these fees, they are just managed differently in CCSCM. If you spot a fee you think should not be added, or is incorrect please contact CCSCM admin using the Contact Form.

Q. What can I do in the 'My Boats' section?

A. In My Boats you will see the boats associated with your membership and you can update several details. You can see if you have been given storage, including racks and moorings, for your boat(s). What you see for storage is based on what you had in 2021, most likely these are the details you want to check carefully as your invoice for 2022 will be based on these details.

Click on the boat name to access your boat. There are some options about seeking crew which are not operational yet, but you can see the potential.

Click on 'Edit Boat' to access more details about your boat. You can edit your boat name. You can add your crew phone numbers as a safety feature. Please add your Insurance details.

You may upload a picture of your boat, remember this is likely to be viewable by other members.

For changes to any other details you will need to contact CCSCM admin using the Contact Form.

Q. Where can I find the Portland Harbour number for my sticker?

A. We have made the 'Disc number' the same as your Portland Harbour dues sticker number.

Q. My boat has co-owners, how can this be shown?

A. It is possible to have the Owner, Skipper, Co-owner(s) and crew listed against your boat. Co-owners will also then be able to manage the boat but the invoice will always go to the listed 'primary member'. If you want this to be shown on your boat please contact CCSCM admin.

Q. I no longer own my boat, how can I remove it from my record?

A. To delete a boat you no longer own, or add a new boat, please contact CCSCM admin.

Q. How do 'Berths and Spaces work?

A. My Berths/ Spaces gives you details about the storage booked for your boat(s). At present CCSCM treats every kind of boat storage in the same way and you will find the terms berths/spaces/moorings used interchangeably on CCSCM. Be assured your boat will be stored in the same way as it always has been.

Q. I only want storage for P1, how do I know if that is what is booked?

A. You will not find reference to P1, P2 and P3 on CCSCM but you will see payment periods broken into 1/4/2022 30/9/2022, 1/10/2022 31/12/2022 and 01/01/2023 31/03/2023, i.e. the same P1, P2, P3 payment periods but expressed by date.

Q. Do the berth numbers mean anything?

A. Each Berth has number and for keelboats on Moorings this should be your mooring number. For tenders on the Tender Rack the number is your space number.

For all other berths and spaces, including Laser, Topper and Oppie Racks, you can ignore the number on CCSCM as Jo will allocated you a space on the Boat Park in the usual way and a plan will be issued in March next year.

Kayaks and Canoes have no specific storage arrangements but if they are kept at the club they must not be left so they get in the way of other boat park users.

Q. How can I contact the Boat Park Manager (Jo Young) to explain the changes I need to make to my boats for next year?

A. Any questions that you have about your renewal, or any of your requirements for next year, can be sent to the CCSCM admin team using the contact form on the CCSCM website. Give your question the right (or the closest) category and it will be directed to the person most able to help.

Q. I see an Invoices section, does this mean I will be sent an invoice for payments?

A. You will not be sent an invoice for your renewal but CCSCM will generate one to show you how much you need to pay by Bank Transfer. Please do not wait for an invoice to be sent to you, pay immediately by bank transfer in the same way as you will have done previously. Your Renewal invoice will then be listed in the Invoices and Statement of account sections.

Q. What reference should I use on my bank transfer?

A. Please use your Surname and Membership number as you will have done previously.

Q. Can I still pay by cheque?

A. Yes, but we much prefer that you use bank transfer if you can. To arrange payment by cheque please contact the CCSCM admin team.

Q. Not all areas of the Portal seem to be functional as yet, is that right?

A. Other areas of the member's Portal include Duties, Bookings and Crew Finder. These are not operational as yet and further information will follow once they are ready.

Q. If I need any further information who should I contact?

A. For all questions and changes regarding your CCSCM renewal details please contact a member of the CCSC admin team using the Contact Form enquiry service you will find on the CCSCM website.

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